Petra Collins - Making Space "Time Will Tell" feat. Blood Orange

I feel like I should have osted this earlier because it rings so true and real to me on such a personal level but only now have I started watching all the Collins' sisters videos and I guess that's the best way to fully grasp and understand their outcomes.


Summer Thoughts

I've had these visuals, ideas, thoughts and sounds in my head recently....
photo my own
photo my own


I have a strong feeling Berlin is the next 'it' place cause London is becoming a vast waste land of hipsters, corrupt politics and gentrification. Our generation's creatives have started movin to Berlin...

photos not mine unless stated


Film genius

    "When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, 'no, I went to films.'"- Tarentino



This was such an invigorating and stirring movie. The whole film is driven by blood sweat tears and passion. Watching made me want to find my own passion and pursue it like the character Andrew. His road to greatness is constantly being undermined and challenged but there is always his underlying strength pulling him forward... the last drum scene is so powerful and quite frankly amazing. Miles Teller= king.


New Shrimps Collection

The new Shrimps collection is playful and vibrant with a new colour scheme... Hannah Weiland is exploring leopard print, faux pony hair, pearls and sting ray texture pairing them with bright intoxicating colours. I love her drawings she pairs with the items as well. This collection has reaffirmed Hannah Weiland is bae...


Arctic sky

I am so ill right now and my brain is just sloshing around in my head; to calm me I'm looking at photos I've taken of the sky during London's Arctic winter weather// #nofilter



Advent Calender

In my head I'm getting one each day of December till Christmas Eve...

Maison Martin Margiela
Sister By Sibling 
Maison Michel Lara

 Oscar de la Renta

kate Spade

Agent Provocateur

Körner Union

Maneki Neko Lighter


Silver Spoon Attire

Stella McCartney                               

Comme Des Garcons



Sandy Liang


Diane Von Furstenburg




Marc Jacobs



Double Denim

I know that there has always been a rule condemning an outfit consisting of double denim but now I am witnessing it everywhere I go. They either keep the different items in the same denim tones or contrasting ones. Teamed with this frayed edges are used. Inspired by this I subconsciously bout two denim pieces one from acne (with frayed edges) and one from kenzo (double tone)...


Palo Alto Official Trailer

possibly best trailer ever, when will the Coppolas stop being such babes?


Wind down

Exam season and there is an overwhelming sense that I am being surrounded by massive waves that are drowning and pushing me under their currents. Summer holidays are so close so I'm already trying to start winding down so I can have a chill summer... To keep my head above water I have decided to put all my energy into filling the pages of my vast collection of my sketch books which until now have stayed empty and crammed in a draw. The majority of what I do is watercolour paintings of photographs, nothing special, but then sometimes they surprise me.

This song embodies the Summer I want, it has insane vibes and the male singer reminds me of Trip Fontane... is that just me? This tune is perfect to chill and draw to, definitely base a genius playlist around it.

Sketchbook Ideas

1. Pencil

Lucian Freud
Tristam Lansdown

3. Collage

4. Colourblock

5. Endless Aesthetically Pleasing Bucket Lists(no image required)