These are beautiful pictures from Vogue China January 2007 of model Vlada Roslyakova by Pierluigi Maco. They look like regal oil paintings you would find in abandoned castles of royal female heroines. Everything about these photos is sublime.


Diesel does pom-poms

Diesel's baklava pom-poms are definitely statement pieces, their show looked almost like a riot/ uprising. Matched with double denim (denim being a key word this spring in the fashion world) Diesel's definitely done well this year.


Ermanno Scervino

I've spotted a gem of a designer Ermanno Scervino. The Fall Winter 2014-15 collection seems to combine the perfect balance of tones and textures...
The proportions of this outfit are perfect
the jumper reminds me of my alaia one

Christopher Walken Dance Now



Into the wild...

Today I was thinking about how disconnected from friends, school, possessions I am. I feel like the time I have at school is impermanent, it will just keep on flowing by and then one day I will end up in a beautiful place where there aren't any people. I have always been overwhelmed by the thought of escaping and being an adventurer. I want to drift away on a raft to the land Where the Wild Things Are. It will be like a scene from Into the Wild, I will be completely empty and calm inside. The distance I feel now will be a physical reality. I want to write about it, explain everything I see as scientifically and metaphorically as I can. Draw it, document it. 



Shrimps Coats

If you have had your head in a hole since christmas than I shall introduce you to the trendiest, most beautiful coats created by Hannah Weiland since Prada's spring 2013 japanese themed coats plus they're faux-fur. They come in an array of baby blues, bubblegum pinks, and every other nostalgic colour under the sun. Already the likes of Helena Bonham-Carterand Susie Bubble have gotten their hand on them. I suggest you follow her instagram if you want to stay in the fashion loop. I really want one (but who doesn't)! 



A self taught artist based out of Denver, Martinez has become widely known for his immaculate matchbook paintings, which have been covered by Beautiful/Decay, Juxtapoz and Huffington Post, amongst others. This exhibit will feature several matchbook paintings, as well as larger works in various painting and drawing media. Martinez describes that the creative process involved in the development of the show is the inspiration for the title. Following an organic and intuitive process, Martinez is combining figurative realistic painting elements with geometric design in some of his works. Others are more informed by the balance between creation and destruction. He says, “We always seem to destroy things around us… [while] striving for things to be perfect.” 

This guy is definitely an artistic inspiration

Neck Scarves and Textured Coats


Possibly the coolest Miu Miu ad to date

Dewey the Femenist


News Year Resolutions

Part I

Hello strangers, HAPPY NEW YEAR, WELCOME TO 2014! You haven't heard my voice in a while and I guess it's because I'm really consumed AND confused recently with school so all I've been doing is posting videos I've found interesting and that, in some ways, is also a voice but perhaps less direct. 2013 wasn't the best year for me let's say, I can't complain about my health being bad or being bullied but I felt extremely lost. My surroundings were changing so quickly and I still felt like a child. However, all this said, I went to Berlin, Paris, Sao Paulo, various regions in Holland, Oxfordshire and had amazing times with friends. I am looking forwards now unto a gleaming 2014 and with all the mistakes I've made I have compiled a list of resolutions I want to abide by, a mix-tape if you will of the soundtrack to this new year. So... without further adieu... here's my mix-tape:

1) Read. 
I feel too dependant on things like Sims3 and iPlayer nowadays which completely take up my time and meanwhile I become more out of practise therefore I am finding it harder and harder to read. Books are amazing and when they are good there is nothing comparable and therefore I must teach myself how to read properly once again. I'm fine starting books, it's finishing them I find difficult. 

2) Look After Myself Aesthetically and Health-wise
Even though i try I don't think I take enough pride in my self appearance nor do I pay attention to my body's need for water and vitamins. This is going to be quite a big lifestyle alteration process. 

what I want people to say about me: 

3) Memory Jar
I know this sounds extremely nooby but when I came across this on tumblr I thought that it was a really good way of remembering all the good things that have happened and I can keep it for when I'm super famous and they want me to write an autobiography. It's basically a lazy version of a diary.  Also linking on from this I want to do more things so I can fill this jar with interesting anecdotes because I don't just want to wait until I'm 20 to have fun, now is as good a time as ever.

instructions:"Start on January 1st with an empty jar. Throughout the year write the good things that happened to you on little pieces of paper. On December 31st, open the jar and read all the amazing things that happened to you that year."

4) Stand Up More For What I Believe In
There are so many things I am sick of in this country and elsewhere in the world and I feel like I (along with the rest of my generation) are becoming way too submissive about stuff. I don't want to be so wishy-washy anymore and actually speak out. It's hypocritical of me to moan about things if I'm not making a conscience decision to try and change them in any way I can. It's like people complaining about politics when they don't vote.

Part II

I SAW THIS BEAUTY IN REAL LIFE AT THE LONDON WOLF OF WALL STREET PREMIERE! (I also saw my man Jonah). Maybe I'll do a bit more about this topic in another post.

Part III

If you like Bjork you have to listen to this song she sung when she was 11...

Part IV

I am just way beyond excited for the premiere of Season 3 Girls which you can catch on youtube apparently 12 hours after release!!! As well as this Lena Dunham is going to be on Graham Norton next week. You can never have too much of a good thing.