Double Denim

I know that there has always been a rule condemning an outfit consisting of double denim but now I am witnessing it everywhere I go. They either keep the different items in the same denim tones or contrasting ones. Teamed with this frayed edges are used. Inspired by this I subconsciously bout two denim pieces one from acne (with frayed edges) and one from kenzo (double tone)...


Palo Alto Official Trailer

possibly best trailer ever, when will the Coppolas stop being such babes?


Wind down

Exam season and there is an overwhelming sense that I am being surrounded by massive waves that are drowning and pushing me under their currents. Summer holidays are so close so I'm already trying to start winding down so I can have a chill summer... To keep my head above water I have decided to put all my energy into filling the pages of my vast collection of my sketch books which until now have stayed empty and crammed in a draw. The majority of what I do is watercolour paintings of photographs, nothing special, but then sometimes they surprise me.

This song embodies the Summer I want, it has insane vibes and the male singer reminds me of Trip Fontane... is that just me? This tune is perfect to chill and draw to, definitely base a genius playlist around it.

Sketchbook Ideas

1. Pencil

Lucian Freud
Tristam Lansdown

3. Collage

4. Colourblock

5. Endless Aesthetically Pleasing Bucket Lists(no image required)