Wolf Alice

Friday night I went to see Swim Deep live. THEY WERE FRICKIN' AMAZIN'. Their supporting act was a band called Wolf Alice. Ellie the lead singer is now my official girl crush. Not only can she play the guitar and sing incredibly but she has the coolest style ever. My favourite song of theirs is called Blush. Here's a taster...

Flowers and Stripes



I was reading Stylist magazine a couple of weeks ago and I came across this article that literally grouped together all my inspiration on two pages. I know it's a bit lazy of me to just scan it in and my blog doesn't have much substantial writing by me but I thought I might as well share my inspirations with you guys SO HEY TO THE HO

Eudon Choi

Korean born Eudon Choi recently made a name for himself at London Fashion Week. I love his below the knee skirts, colourful fur, stripy trousers, pompom shoes and of course the granny flower embellished head scarves :p I think I'm in love...


Swim Deep - Honey


Lovin' the Loafers





I can't wait for my brown pair of loafers to arrive! I was first reminded about the classic shoe whilst I was watching Whisper of the Heart where Shizuku has a pair, apparently they're more fashionable then I thought.

Under The Skin - Official Trailer [HD] (2013) - Scarlett Johansson


she is forever doing things that make me love her more

Dior Homme - Uncensored Official Director's Cut