The Anastasia Of Winter

This beautiful series of photographs are in the December issue of Vogue Japan. Lindsay Wixon is the model. I love the rich colours, rose motif and how Lindsay looks like a russian doll with red cheeks and lips...


Steve Buscemi's Eyes

Robert who? What's Marlon Brando? Who's that blond guy from Titanic again? All medeocre hotties are forgotten in the midst of Steve Buscemi... He's the equivalent to waking up to breakfast in bed or a cold Mint-Choc milkshake on a Friday afternoon.


Georgia & Marianna’s Blue Period, 2013

I'm gonna say something really deep right now... the name suggests a link to Picasso's blue period. That's it. I can't find any other link. However I AM IN LOVE WITH STRIPES like you saw in a post I did called Flowers and Stripes. I really like the colours used and how symmetrical it is. It also makes me feel a bit more happy about my short hair... 


J.W Anderson F/W 2013

slicked hair, white shoes, dark lips and a textile wonderland in-between...