Ermanno Scervino

I've spotted a gem of a designer Ermanno Scervino. The Fall Winter 2014-15 collection seems to combine the perfect balance of sensual tones and textures...



Into the wild...

Today I was thinking about how disconnected from friends, school, possessions I am. I feel like the time I have at school is impermanent, it will just keep on flowing by and then one day I will end up in a beautiful place where there aren't any people. I have always been overwhelmed by the thought of escaping and being an adventurer. I want to drift away on a raft to the land Where the Wild Things Are. It will be like a scene from Into the Wild, I will be completely empty and calm inside. The distance I feel now will be a physical reality. I want to write about it, explain everything I see as scientifically and metaphorically as I can. Draw it, document it.