Felling Like Stuffing, Awkward Photos (Christmas)

Sorry for not posting for a while but I have been too busy lazing around and complaining about how bad and boring christmas is. Well actually things are starting to look up. I have recently been shopping in Portobello, got a haircut and met up with an old friend so I am now pretty satisfied apart from the fact I have to go to this christmas party that goes until around midnight full of crazy bad dancers and my mum getting a 'bit too jolly' if you know what I mean. But any excuse to wear PJ's all day and slop on the sofa and not having to watch my weight knowing that everyone is going back to school with their belly's twice the size as last term (at least I hope they do otherwise I'll be the fat kid) puts a smile on my face. The other thing that excites me about christmas are the TV specials because they are always better than the rest of the episode because producers are wanting us to get hooked on the next series.

Awkward Photo (by the way that's not me)

(Portobello Buy)

And with that I bid you all a merry Christmas!

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