The Hopeless Romantic

There is something so amazing about being a hopeless romantic. It is a whole genre of sappiness. It is endearing and awkward. I love this whole romanticism of being a hopeless romantic. For generations  writers, poets, directors and photographers have tried to convey the teen girl hopelessness. The colours textures, photo's and movies give teen girls a reason to be a teen. The photos of teen heart throbs taped onto walls. Heart shaped candy. Pink. Yellow haze and 60's songs. Writing, 'love you' on your eyes and blinking at your hot teacher. Hoarding. Watching Grease a bazillion times while eating junk. Fluffy toys. And last of all sleepovers with girl gangs! Girl gangs in movies usually comprise a fierce set of characters with badass attitudes spitting out memorable one-liners. Not only do they have eternally cool nicknames, but they also possess some of the best style seen on the silver screen. At school they are un-mixable un-changeable types of girls.  And whilst a movie plays on these characteristics and makes them fantasised and magical these ideals are un-achievable. But movies and magazines keep covering us in pink frilly heart shaped blindfolds.
"love you" Indiana Jones's student

The Bowl-less Sundae

Step 1: Put a scoop of ice cream in your mouth.
Step 2: Don’t eat it.
Step 3: Spray some whipped cream into your mouth.
Step 4: Drizzle chocolate syrup over the whipped cream.
Step 5: Eat the mixture.
Step 6: Feel awesome and satisfied.
The beauty of the bowl-less sundae is that there’s minimal cleanup. You also get all the flavor of a sundae without having to make an actual sundae. But beware, this isn’t for amateur midnight snackers. In order to pull the bowl-less sundae off successfully, you’re going to need a really solid understanding of your gag reflex and a good sense of the radius of your mouth.

Moonrise Kingdom
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