Édith Piaf

I have recently been given a Crosley Record player for my birthday and already I have around fifteen vinyls but the one that I can't stop listening to is called 'The Queen of Song-Édith Piaf'. Her voice resonates in my mind. When I think of her songs I picture her big beautiful eyes filled with mysterious French passion. I myself am obsessed with France (especially Paris) and I am taking French as a GCSE. J'adore le Paris. Je reve pour serai ecouterai le musique de Edith Piaf dans le Paris! Well there's my rubbish french put into action. I have this dream of sitting in a little bistro in Paris with fresh flowers and dior perfume hanging out of the basket of my 'vingtage' red velo. Somewhere in the distance 'Non, je ne regrette rien' playing in the disatance. ahhh one can dream.

Just to picture my future life... :p