Age Restrictions

Age is such a frustrating thing; it restricts everyone no matter how old they are. In someways you are the most free when you know nothing at the tender age of seven, all sticky and ripe from no fear of living. The only reason you cry is for ice-cream or because you've fallen over. The more you live the more you cry.
My head is full of confusion and yearning for things that seem unobtainable. I used to want to be as commonplace as a character from 'Pollyanna' but now I want to be a mad, wild character worthy of a Jack Kerouac novel, penniless but crazy about life and learning from it. The trouble is people don't except that now and I think ironically the closest I've ever been to that dream was when I was seven. It's sad really that probably I'll end up in a decent job with decent pay; a person who when she was younger was stupid enough to want to go wild and gave up trying hard at school in subjects that seemed so irrelevant. Another face on the tube. Barely affecting anyones life. It's pathetic. The more I live the more ropes will try to tie up my brain into nice neat bows.