Wind down

Exam season and there is an overwhelming sense that I am being surrounded by massive waves that are drowning and pushing me under their currents. Summer holidays are so close so I'm already trying to start winding down so I can have a chill summer... To keep my head above water I have decided to put all my energy into filling the pages of my vast collection of my sketch books which until now have stayed empty and crammed in a draw. The majority of what I do is watercolour paintings of photographs, nothing special, but then sometimes they surprise me.

This song embodies the Summer I want, it has insane vibes and the male singer reminds me of Trip Fontane... is that just me? This tune is perfect to chill and draw to, definitely base a genius playlist around it.

Sketchbook Ideas

1. Pencil

Lucian Freud
Tristam Lansdown

3. Collage

4. Colourblock

5. Endless Aesthetically Pleasing Bucket Lists(no image required)