So Far this Christmas...

On the 7th of December I went to a Fyoder Golan show at the V&A. And like a virgin it was my very first time. I can't actually believe that I've never been to one before. I can describe it as nothing but beautiful. The simple design of staging with a large tiki statue at the top of the runway. Each dress was a different technique and they ordered it so the dresses appeared in a gradient order. Every single design was immaculate and different.

On the 15th of December I went to a vintage kilo sale where I acquired lots of crochet items and jewelry. This was also a first time thing and for only fifteen pounds I got a lot and I want to do it again. 

Yesterday I watched 'Walk the Line' and it is definitely up there with my favorite movies. My friends and I also spent time painting her bedroom and collaging a canvas which I now own.